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Refund Policy

Refund Policy:

Refund policy of this website contains all of the necessary covenants to make this website reliable source of purchasing your regular items. Al business website are necessarily directed to make things easier for the convenience of their customers which helps them to stay safe and secure avoiding all unimportant debates and misconducts. Our privacy policy also covers some of our rules and regulations but here we again find it important to mention them separately.

A business website that deals with the online deposit of money often has to deal with some unwanted circumstances that may cause trouble for the customers and the owner as well. For that purpose we clearly mention that we would not before any mistake accused by the customer in the deposit of money for instance if he/she dials some wrong digit while transferring money. Our company shall not be held responsible through any means.

Secondly, there would be no legal offence if the product does not match your expectations after you receive them. However, your opinion will be highly appreciated and we shall try to compensate up to our potential.

Thirdly, There will be nor refund of deposited cash in any situation except those of the misconducts happened by our team members or they fail to accomplish the task on given time. After a limited time interval you would not be allowed to claim the deposited money. You will have to make sure the acknowledgment of relevant team member regarding your issues in time.

There can be some situation where money will be negotiated and a specific percentage will be deducted before refunding all the money. This may include Travelling charges or some other charges like that.

After reading our refund policy and terms & conditions of our website, You will have to agree with them before you get complete access to our website and enjoy all the latest features. After that you will not be allowed to violate any rule or regulation.

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